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All prices are for United States customers only. All prices are in US dollars. All prices are subject to change without notice.

CounterSketch Studio

Return Policy

Updated May 15, 2014

All CounterSketch Studio purchases are eligible for a full refund within 60 days of purchase. After 60 days and up to one year, each CounterSketch Studio license is eligible for a partial refund, the purchase price less a 15% restocking fee.

Training fees are not eligible for a refund. Any hands-on training credits that have been expended are valued at the cost of $695.00 for the first person and $295.00 for each additional person.

CounterSketch Studio owners may transfer their ownership. See policy below.

Membership Policy

Updated August 30, 2014

A customer may purchase a CounterSketch Studio Membership at any time after a membership expires, however, if there is a lapse in membership, you will be required to “catch up” and pay for all expired months starting from your original expiration date.

Customer Eligibility: CounterSketch Studio software owners can purchase an annual membership immediately on or slightly before the date their original purchase warranty expires.

Coverage Type: CounterSketch Studio Membership includes:


Standard Upgrade Policy

Pricing Effective January 1, 2012

For those customers who purchased Matrix originally from Gemvision or an Authorized Gemvision Dealer and are NOT eligible for Matrix V7 as part of their initial investment may purchase the Matrix V7 upgrade at the cost of $895.00 for each dongle/license plus shipping (NOT including Rhino 4.0/5.0 or Technical Support.) Upgrades are sold per dongle(s)/license(s), not per customer and effective immediately we require the trade-in of the previous versions Matrix dongle(s)/license(s). This cost does NOT include Rhino 4.0/5.0 upgrade which must be purchased for the additional price of $395.00 (or NEW full version price Rhino 4.0/5.0, $995.) All Matrix V7 dongle(s)/license(s) require their own Rhino license(s).

Visit for a quote.

Contractual (Free) Upgrade Policy

Updated August 1, 2010

Prior to Version 7, Gemvision offered one free major Matrix software upgrade with each Matrix software purchase along with any patches and/or minor improvements that may be necessary. (Gemvision reserves the right to determine what qualifies as a "major upgrade") After Gemvision supplies one free upgrade, there will be subsequent software upgrades with pricing to be set by Gemvision at the time of release. ALL RHINO or RELATED software upgrades are the sole responsibility of the PURCHASER and are NOT included as free upgrades in ANY case from Gemvision. All Matrix V7 dongle(s)/license(s) require their own Rhino license(s).

Second-Hand Purchase Upgrade Policy

Updated January 1, 2012

Upgrade pricing for first time Gemvision customers who own keys purchased from the secondary market is as follows. For second hand/party dongle(s)/license(s) purchasers (those Matrix users who have purchased Matrix from someone other than Gemvision or a Gemvision Authorized Dealer) we have a discounted "New Customer" upgrade price when purchasing a Matrix upgrade from Gemvision for the first time. Upon exchange of the previous Matrix version dongle(s)/license(s), Gemvision will offer the second party Matrix users an upgrade price of $3,795.00 plus shipping for the current Matrix version. This cost does NOT include Rhino 4.0/5.0 upgrade which must be purchased for the additional price of $395.00 (or NEW full version price Rhino 4.0/5.0, $995.) With this purchase, the customer is then entitled to continue on the regularly scheduled Matrix upgrade plan and will also have full access to our user's group online forum.

Trade-In of previous version second-hand dongle pricing:
Without a previous version dongle(s)/license(s) trade-in, only full Matrix version license will be sold:

*NOTE: All prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

** Technical Support is not applicable until the current version of Matrix has been purchased at which time one year of technical support will be available for $445 per year.

Purple Dongle Discontinuation Policy

Updated November 24, 2008

Gemvision no longer has available for replacement purchase purple dongle software keys (also known as Sentinel Key or Rainbow Key.) These Matrix version 5.3 and below keys have been discontinued and are not available. If you have a damaged key you will be required to upgrade to our current software version, Matrix 7. This may require an upgrade purchase each for Matrix and Rhino 4.0.

White Dongle Discontinuation Policy

Updated March 12, 2012

Gemvision no longer has available for replacement purchase white V6 dongle software keys. These Matrix version 6.0/6.3 keys have been discontinued and are not available. If you have a damaged key you will be required to upgrade to our current software version, Matrix 7. This may require an upgrade purchase each for Matrix and Rhino 4.0.

2nd Software Key Purchase Policy

Updated October 15, 2010

Matrix 2nd Software Key Purchases (additional licenses) are sold with Rhinoceros only. Per McNeel, every Matrix key must have its own Rhino license and the use of one Rhino license with multiple Matrix keys is not allowed. Additional licenses of Matrix are NOT available without the purchase of an additional licensed copy of Rhinoceros. Gemvision and McNeel & Associates requires that each additional license of Matrix or Matrix Upgrade also includes an additional license of Rhinoceros.

Lost/Stolen/Damaged Dongle (Key) Policy

Updated October 1, 2013

Matrix software dongles/keys should be insured against loss, theft, or damage. The replacement of lost or stolen V1-V6 keys will be charged at full additional (2nd) key price by Gemvision Corporation without exception. The replacement of damaged V1-V6 keys will be charged at $250 upon return of the damaged key to Gemvision Corporation. The replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged V7 keys will be charged at $250 as long as the key number is known. Without a known key number or the return of the damaged V7 key, the cost is charged at full additional (2nd) key price by Gemvision Corporation without exception. Prices subject to change without notice.

Link Membership

Link is an annual membership. At the end of your membership period, your membership will automatically renew and the credit card on file will be charged $79 per month for the subsequent membership period.

Gemvision encourages all companies that own Matrix to maintain a Link subscription for maximum benefit of the Matrix software.

Link membership fees include the following:

Gemvision reserves the right to make changes to its policies without notice.


Anytime a model is loaded into a web browser a view is accrued. Configuring the model after it is opened by changing materials does not constitute a view.

Exceeding 15,000 views per month will result in additional per view charges.

Membership Terms

The annual membership for Gemvision Link will be processed in 12 monthly increments. The membership begins on the first day of the contract and follows for 365 days. Memberships automatically renew at the end of every 12 month period. Upon renewing your membership, the credit card you provided at sign-up is used. If the credit card is not charged successfully, another payment method will be used. Your initial sign-up authorizes us to use this credit card. Nonpayment of any portion of your Gemvision bill may result in interruption or disconnection of any and all services rendered by Gemvision.

Discount pricing may be available for one annual payment, one payment for the 12 month membership, in lieu of 12 monthly payments.

Any company enrolling in an annual Link membership must be in good financial standing with Gemvision or Gemvision Distributors, and may not possess any past-due invoices with Gemvision or its distributors.


You will be charged a one-time, non-refundable fee of $79. You will be charged monthly for your yearly subscription. You may cancel your membership within the first 30 days in order to avoid early termination fees and recurring monthly charges. If you cancel your membership at any time after the first 30 days, the remaining balance owed on your yearly subscription will become due and payable immediately.


Gemvision maintains a high standard of technical operations. Our programmers and technicians must periodically test and update our applications. This may cause a temporary loss of service. We will make an effort to notify you of routine maintenance that may cause outages of service. If your service is not working properly, contact Gemvision Technical Support. If a maintenance outage is affecting the service, you will be informed when you call. If the problem is not being caused by maintenance, we will determine the source of the problem and will restore your service, as quickly as possible.

Gemvision is not responsible for technical or computer failures, errors or data loss of any kind, lost of or unavailable internet connections, failed, incomplete, garbled or deleted computer or network transmissions, inability to access any website or online service, any other error or malfunction.

Original Works

By uploading and configuring a design from Matrix, members agree their 3D models are their original work(s). Members also agree that such action does not violate United States Copyright or other applicable laws. Gemvision is not responsible for the actions of its members including, but not limited to, the unauthorized use and sharing of any intellectual property by and among program members. Gemvision is not responsible for the use of the intellectual properties shared by its members. Unauthorized sharing of intellectual property among its member is prohibited.

Gemvision takes laws protecting copyright and piracy very seriously. Should Gemvision become aware that a submission infringes upon the copyright owned by another artist, creative person or company, Gemvision reserves the right to immediately remove that submission without advanced notification. Members who violate these terms will have their account deactivated and their membership terminated immediately. Stop piracy not innovation.


Factory Certified Revo Mill Program

Updated May 1, 2012

This program puts the Revo mill through a number of valuable services and a thorough inspection process. Return your mill to original specifications for your own benefit or to prepare your Revo mill for sale in order to capture a premium price in the pre-owned Revo mill market. All backed by a 6 month factory warranty.

To see more information and enroll for the Factory Certified Revo Mill Program, download this PDF: Factory Certified Revo Mill Program

Digital Goldsmith

Secondary Software Purchase

Updated June 21, 2007

Effective immediately we require the trade-in of the purple dongle in order for second party key purchasers to have a discounted “New Customer” price. Transfer of Ownership letter for second party DG key purchasers is no longer required or accepted. The dongle will be verified as a legitimate DG key and customer will be given trade- in credit for it.

If a person has purchased Digital Goldsmith (DG 4) from the secondary market, the following pricing (with dongle or without) will be in effect if they choose to purchase the upgrade to the current version, DG 5 Pro:

Trade-In of Purple Dongle Pricing:
NO Purple Dongle Trade:

Digital Goldsmith 5 Standard Customers Upgrading to DG Design Studio System Requirement Change

Updated November 24, 2008

DG Design Studio is required to run on Windows 2000 Operating System (OS) Service Pack 6 and above (Windows XP and Vista). DG Design Studio will not run on Windows 98. This may require hardware upgrades to accommodate the system requirements. Please note that capture cards in Windows Vista are not guaranteed to operate. DG 5 Standard’s system requirements remain the same with the ability to operate on Windows 98 Operating System through Windows XP Operating System.


Training Cancellation Policy

Updated November 24, 2008

In order to maximize the effectiveness of our training classes, Gemvision limits the number of attendees per class. Registrants who have been confirmed for a specific training class may reschedule or cancel their class reservations without penalty up to five (5) days prior to the scheduled class start date either by calling 800.357.6272 or emailing Any scheduled training class that is cancelled after the five (5) day deadline will be subject to a $250.00 cancellation fee. Any non-paid, no-shows that have registered for a training class by phone, mail, email or fax will be billed at the full training cost.

Gemvision reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any training class upon a ten (10) day business notice to all confirmed registrants. Registrants may then reschedule into an upcoming training class or cancel the registration without penalty. The client understands and agrees that Gemvision shall not, in any way, be held responsible for any cost, including airfare, transportation cost, hotel expenses or other cost that the client may suffer in the event that Gemvision cancels or reschedules a class.

Technical Support Policy

Updated March 1, 2015

Gemvision’s support hours are Monday – Friday from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm CST. All inquiries will be answered within 24 to 72 hours.

Gemvision cannot guarantee that any of our software products will work on operating systems or computing platforms outside of those specified at the time of purchase.

Gemvision supports the current version and one previous major release. A major release is numbered by increasing the first part of the version number, e.g. 7 or 7.5 to 8. Minor releases are numbered by increasing the second part of the version number, e.g. 7 to 7.5.

For example, if the current release is Matrix 8.x, we will support that version as well as Matrix 7.0 or 7.5 as those are considered the Matrix 7 major release. Older versions of the software are no longer supported.

We reserve the right to share support videos with other users for training purposes. If the model you send in for support is sensitive in nature, please let us know via email that you do not want us to share that video.

Transfer of Ownership Policy

Updated October 1, 2013

In order for Gemvision to transfer ownership of a Gemvision product from one company to another, we will need the following information submitted to us on the selling company’s letterhead.

Please note there may be fees associated with the transfer.

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