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Matrix 8 Install Instructions

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Take training from the comfort of your store with The Gemvision Academy! Packed full of videos and written tutorials, the online academy includes over 200 videos, over 40 hours of training and support content. New users begin with Level 1 and work their way to becoming a Level 4 Master. The content is dynamic, so new users and power users alike will benefit from an all-access pass to the Gemvision Online Academy.


The F6 context menu is more intuitive than ever. As you design, the F6 menu predicts your next move by offering a list of the most common next steps. Customize the menu to fit your work flow. Pin the menu to the interface so that it is always open and there for you when you need it. And if that wasn’t enough, you can assign a material to an object within F6 so that it plays nicely with pricing and reporting features within the program.

Project Manager

More useful than ever, the Project Manager now stores customer information, and any additional meta data you would like to include. So, tag designs with detailed information and use that information to search for items at a later time. This feature also allows you to select the location where save projects are stored for collaboration and shared resources. Choose to store your files in the cloud or map to a network drive.

Stuller Findings

Browse the available findings and load an item into the viewport. Each to-scale component comes complete with pricing information, based on today’s metal prices, and the ability to choose the alloy you desire. Place the items into your Stuller shopping cart right from the Matrix interface.

Bermark Library

Browse from an assortment of on-trend designs. Within the library, choose from Engagement, Fashion and Wedding designs. Save yourself time and money by loading the finished design on-screen and using all or part of the model to make it your own.

Halo Builder

Say good-bye to the days when you created halos from scratch. Let Matrix do the heavy lifting. This interactive builder, complete with Viewport Control Handles, does all the mathematical calculations to create a dynamic stone layout while you focus on the look of your halo. The new Halo Builder saves you time while earning you money.

Smart Flow

Smart Flow just got smarter. Connect your base surface to one or more destination surfaces and let Smart Flow keep track of the rest. Design on the base surface, and Matrix updates the design on the destination surface, allowing you to design organically while letting the program perform all the mathematic calculations of where things exist in three-dimensional space.

Image Trace

Transform any image into Matrix curves. Import an illustration, picture or your child’s artwork into the builder and let Matrix Image Trace do the busy work outlining the image into usable Matrix Curves.

Gem Springs

A new interface exposes functionality that elicits beautiful pave gem layouts. Add gems, remove gems, resize gems and unlock gems to perfect your layout.

Smart Targets

The latest revolution in surface modeling is Smart Targets. Design in motion and leverage the power of history. Create complex designs and watch them update in real-time as you push and pull on the Smart Target. Some say, “smart.” We say, “brilliant!”

Sweep Four with Four Profile

The crowd goes wild! The much anticipated Sweep Four brings surface modelers to their feet with excitement. Define the location for the profile and Sweep 4 automatically inserts a profile through the four rails. Choose the profile shape, rotation, and tilt. Then, the builder splits your profile and sweeps each of the four sections, individually, keeping the profile aligned. Edit one of the rail curves, and the profile will magically transform to adhere to the rail.

Stuller Pricing, Gem Ordering, & Design Summary

Integrated into Matrix, gems, findings and raw casting grain can now be priced based on today’s precious metal value. Assign a material to any object through the Render menu or via F6 and the material information is stored on the Matrix object. Order the items, placing them into your Stuller shopping cart, right from the Matrix interface. The Design Summary includes all the pertinent information for manufacturing your job. Customer information, images of your design in 4 views, gem information (carat weight, gem size and the gem map) is included as well as the alloy and all the pricing information. Print the report and include it with your custom work order.

Gem Map

Streamline the manufacturing process with Gem Map. The Gem Map diagrams the layout of your design, detailing the gem size and its location. Gemologists and stone setters alike will rejoice with this advancement.

Metal Weight Calculator

Updated with a new interface, the Metal Weight Calculator now pulls the specific gravity from the material that has been applied to that object. View the weights on multiple parts within the same graphical interface.

Mesh Repair

Make your model a watertight solid with the Matrix Mesh Repair utility. Fix those pesky naked edges and invalid objects. Mesh Repair unifies your design into solid objects for metal weight calculations or manufacturing.

CAM Tools

Effectively and efficiently move from the design phase to manufacturing using the new CAM tools. This robust tool-set includes support analysis, sprue creation, job number assignment and support generation.

Shade Modes

For your viewing pleasure, new shade modes have been added. Choose from Art Color, Art Color Wires, Chalk, Floor Plan, Legacy, Matrix Blue, Matrix White and Pastel.

Gem Materials

Sixty-five new gemstone materials have been added along with improvements to existing gemstone materials now offer more photo-realistic and higher quality renders. The gemstone materials are also used in conjunction with pricing and reporting for a round-trip workflow improvement.

Render Editor

Brand your design using the new Render Editor. Create your design and place it on a new background, Choose from the library of backgrounds, or import your own for a unique signature style. This comprehensive builder allows you to alter the look of an existing render by changing the gem color and metal color after the fact. Use the composite feature to create an image that fades from any of the shade modes to a render. You can even add a watermark graphic and more to your design.

Layout Tool

The new Layout Tool is an easy-to-use builder used to create quick printouts for you or your client. Choose from any of the prebuilt templates or create your own branded look.

Texture Creation

Integrated into the Render menu, texture mapping has never been easier. Choose from any of the predefined textures and apply them to any surface. While viewing in Rendered Mode, easily preview the look of the texture before rendering. When it is perfect, render the item in its full glory. Choose from Bead Blast, Hammer, Sandblast, Satin, Florentine and more.

Batch Render

This utility offers the ability to choose from over 10,000 metal and gemstone combinations. Start by setting your render by choosing the viewports you wish to render. Choose from any combination of over 122 gem materials, 25 metal alloy materials and 16 textures. Repeat until satisfied, click the Render button and leave. Upon return, you will find all of our selections rendered in your chosen gem and metal combinations.


Set your design in motion using the new functionality within the new Animation Builder Advanced. Animate an object while building geometry and render it as if it is magically being built before your very eyes. The Animation Builder offers the ability to market your design by captivating your audience with stunning imagery, bringing your design to life.

Alpha Erase

If you saved a render as a .PNG file and the background was placed on the alpha channel, it will be removed from the image. Use the Alpha Erase feature to remove the alpha mask and restore your rendered background to the image. In addition, Alpha Erase can be used to flatten an image onto a solid color background which is handy for appraisal images or animation background.