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Revo Software Updates

Revo540A / Revo540B

Software Version 2.4.9 174 MB

Software Version 2.4.9 without video 9 MB


Software Build 3.0.1041 5 MB


Earlier versions of Revo540C laptops didn't have an anti-virus program on them. If you have one of these, you can download the full version of AVG Antivirus for free. DO NOT enable or turn on your internet connection on the Revo540C laptop!

Call our technical support team if you need help installing and configuring AVG.

AVG AntiVirus Free Edition >


Software Build 3.5.1081 11 MB

Monitoring Software Build 3.5.942 747 KB


Matrix Builder Update

NOTE: When installing these updates, DO NOT uninstall the previous versions of the software. Both of these files are updates and require the original versions of the software to correctly function.

Matrix 6.3 Update 2094 312 MB

Rhino 4 SR9 Update 71 MB