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Matrix Training

Online training is now available on the Gemvision Online Academy!
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Level 1

Matrix Essentials

4 Days, Hands-on

Prerequisite: None

  • No computer knowledge required
  • Learn fundamental Matrix skills
  • Explore easy-to-use jewelry builders
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    In this level you will be introduced to basic Matrix and Rhino tools to begin building jewelry. Learn to sweep a simple band, an open band and a custom shaped band with powerful History tools. Create a three stone ring and learn core tools such as Move, Scale and Rotate along with many fundamental Rhino tools essential to great designs. Explore many of the brilliant Matrix builders such as Bezel Builder, Head Builder, Channel Builder, Custom Rail Builder, Signet Ring Builder and Ring Resizer. Methods for hollowing rings, building pendants, creating custom profile shapes and rendering photo realistic images of your designs using the Render Builder are covered as well. Instructor led demonstrations guide students in hands on exercises with abundant click time in the program. Educational resources such as full color tutorials and a training DVD are provided to each student to take home and continue the learning process. Here are some examples of the models you will create …

    Level 2


    2 Days, Hands-on

    Prerequisite: Matrix Essentials

    • Explore more advanced Matrix and Rhino Tools
    • Gain a greater understanding of History for flexible models
    • Learn how Halo settings are created
    • Build a Shadow Band for an existing ring
    • Delve deeper into V-Ray Rendering
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      Increase your skill set by learning advanced uses of Matrix and Rhino tools covered in Primary class - including Gem tools, Bezel Builder and V-Ray Rendering. In addition, delve into History laden tools such as Profile Sweep, Curve from Two Views, Helix, Pipe, Extrude Curve Straight and Slab. Explore the power of Smartflow and learn how to create Halo settings, Custom Bezels for unique shaped gems and Shadow Bands for existing rings. Class handouts and take-home training DVD’s are provided. The skills acquired in this teacher-led, hands on course will help you create models like these …


      Intro to Clayoo

      2 Days, Hands-on

      Prerequisite: Intermediate

      Approach modeling from a completely new perspective. This two-day, instructor-led course will teach you the fundamentals of Clayoo and provide you the tools needed to create organic designs that flex, stretch and bend like no other — yet work seamlessly with Matrix tools.

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        Level 3


        2 Days, Hands-on

        Prerequisite: Matrix Essentials

        Preferred: Intermediate Matrix

        • Apply History rich tools to produce highly flexible designs
        • Increase your Smart Flow expertise with beautiful results
        • Create a Halo ring with Filigree
        • Achieve stunning models with powerful Pave gem tools
        • Gain surface modeling techniques to build like never before
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          Enrich your knowledge and skill set in this fast paced 2-day, instructor-led class that explores a broad scope of advanced tools that will take your modeling abilities to the next level. Build more elaborate, flexible ring and pendant designs by studying the wide range of tools that utilize History. Gain a deeper understanding of the power of Smart Flow tools, Rail Revolve, Pave Builder, Multi-Rail Sweep, and Orient to Gem. Create a Signet Award ring, a completely flexible Cluster design and a lovely 3-Stone Trellis Ring. Finally, explore an array of shortcut tools to increase your modeling speed and efficiency.

          Level 4


          2 Days, Lecture-style

          Prerequisite: Matrix Essentials

          Preferred: Intermediate Matrix

          • Explore the most advanced surface modeling techniques
          • Master advanced rhino tools
          • Create eye candy using V-Ray and animation tools
          • Delve deeper than ever before into T-Spline tools
          • Customize Matrix to your preferences
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          This two-day lecture-style course covers advanced Rhino modeling techniques and Matrix tools to create especially complex models. Examples may be unique each time, and students are encouraged to bring their projects for a class tailored to their needs. Advanced skills covered in this course can include: Curve from 2 Views, Create & Apply UV Curves, Curve Network, Patch, Loft, Orient 2 Points, Rotate 3D, Cage Edit, Flow Along Surface, Matrix Customization, T-Splines, Advanced Animation, Render, Matrix Art, working with Matrix/Rhino history, and the best tricks we know of! Lecture-style only. Learn the tools and techniques to create models like these …